Plant Markers and Other Perfect Valentine’s Gifts for Gardeners

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Plant Markers Are the Ideal Winter Gift Idea

plant markersValentine’s Day is the perfect time for flowers, candy and jewelry. Unless you’re a gardener, and then your idea of romance may be a nice wood-handled trowel or a set of high-quality plant markers. If your special someone longs for the spring and the feel of dirt in their hands, your perfect Valentine’s Day gift may be among the ideas listed below:

Quality gardening tools: Many gardeners already own gardening tools, but purchasing one of superior quality may speak romance to the heart of your loved one. A spade with an ergonomically-designed handle or a special antique tool that has a wooden handle worn to a velvety finish may be what makes a memorable gift.

Gardening books: Gardeners are often happy working alone in their garden, and curling up with a good book when the winter weather keeps them inside may be a close second. Many gardeners start dreaming about their spring plans long before the ground thaws, and a good book may help them refine their plans or learn new techniques.

Look for a book that speaks to a specific interest that your special gardener has. Maybe they love the natural flow of an English woodland garden, or perhaps they have a new fascination with rock gardens. Choose a book that either expands or enhances what they already enjoy.

A garden membership: Many gardeners relish the experience of touring another garden. Many cities have botanical gardens, and membership often comes with a reciprocity agreement with other cities’ botanical gardens. Whether they’re at home or on the road, they’ll have the opportunity to see lovely gardens for free or at a reduced price. Enthusiastic gardeners will love comparing the techniques used at different gardens and get ideas for their own plots.

Plants: What gardener doesn’t swoon a little to receive a lovely little house plant? Whether it’s a hardy succulent container garden or a sweet little violet, even beginning gardeners will enjoy having an indoor plant. Choose a planter that’s decorated with hearts or is painted pink or red to give it a Valentine’s theme.

Plant markers: Gardeners are often fastidious in their garden organization and design, so a gift of high-quality plant markers can be a thoughtful gift for Valentine’s Day. Choose plant markers that don’t rust and are designed to add organization without detracting from the beauty of the plants.

Kincaid Plant Markers may not be the first gift you think of when planning your Valentine’s Day, but buy them for your favorite gardener this February and watch them melt! When you purchase Kincaid Plant Markers, you’re buying a gift designed for a lifetime of gardening.

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