Decorate Your House This Season With Traditional Plants for Christmas

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Bring These Plants Into Your Home for Christmas to Add Color and Cheer

plants for ChristmasPreparing your house for the holidays can be a lot of fun, and a lot of work, but no home is complete without a few colorful and festive plants for Christmas. They also make wonderful gifts that will be a welcome addition to any hostess’s home, so purchase a few varieties to keep on hand when you host this holiday season. They’ll be a gorgeous decoration for your own home until you give them away.

Poinsettias: One of the most common and recognizable plants associated with Christmas, these tropical beauties need to be kept warm inside. They come in a variety of shades of red, white and pink, and some even come sprinkled with sparkles for an extra-festive look.

Amaryllis: This tall and stately flower grows from a bulb and will make a striking addition to any holiday display. Line up a variety of red and white amaryllis to make a statement, or place a single plant in the middle of your coffee table for instant elegance. The trumpet-like bloom of the amaryllis makes it seem like it is announcing the holiday, so give this plant a prominent place to make its big declaration that Christmas is here.

Christmas Cactus: The Christmas cactus is so named because it tends to bloom during the holidays, but they often show their color closer to Thanksgiving. The flowers hang from the ends of the leaves in a way that brings a Christmas tree with colorful ornaments to mind. The Christmas cactus makes a lovely gift.

Rosemary: One of the lesser-known plants for Christmas, a rosemary bush is a charming gift. It can be cut to look like a miniature Christmas tree and its fragrance and use in cooking make it a plant ready for a resurgence in popularity. According to tradition abandoned centuries ago, a common Christian belief was that the clothes of baby Jesus were dried on a rosemary bush.

Holly: While holly is not usually sold as a live plant at Christmas, snips of the red berries and dark green, glossy leaves are a common decoration during the holidays. Take a gift of holly cunningly arranged around a sweet-smelling candle to make a nice presentation.

Mistletoe: Getting caught with your sweetheart under the mistletoe is a fun tradition. Put it in a high-traffic area in your own home or tie a sprig to a bottle of wine when you attend your next holiday party. It also makes a nice little party favor if you’re hosting your own Christmas party.

Christmas Tree: No discussion of plants for Christmas is complete without a mention of the centerpiece of holiday decorations. Whether you love the scent of a Douglas fir or prefer a Scotch pine, there’s no substitution for a live Christmas tree in your living room. From choosing the perfect tree with your family to the thrill of lighting it for the first time, you’ll enjoy hours upon hours of beauty with a Christmas tree.

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