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Trusted by members of Dave’s Garden, the largest gardening blog on the web.

Trusted to provide top quality garden markers by members of Dave’s Garden, the largest gardening blog on the web.

Organize your plants once with the best quality plant markers, and spend the rest of your time enjoying your garden.

We’ve helped thousands of serious garden enthusiasts organize, remember and share their gardens with Kincaid Plant Markers – the only metal garden marker company that offers 100% stainless steel garden stakes.

Different by Design: 
Our Signature and Collector Series metal stakes are different because they won’t rust or wear down, no matter the season or climate. They’re the sturdiest, most reliable garden markers available, featured in sites like Powell Gardens (Kansas City’s botanical garden) and the Better Homes & Gardens Test Garden in Iowa. Our newest series, the Garden Series, features the same unique design as our other markers, but with a sturdy steel blend that allows for a competitive price.

Versatile, Simple Options for Plant Marker Styles and Label Printing:
Kincaid Plant Markers are available in six styles with different plate viewing angles, and we also offer Brother label printers and label tapes for convenient, hassle-free personalized labels.  We have a plant marker to meet the needs of every gardener…and budget.

We offer gift certificates as well, and printed labels that are ready for you to apply.  You can own attractive, durable stakes for plant identification or identifying flowers in no time. We’re dedicated at every phase of the product, from our original crafted design to hand-packing within one business day.

Family-Owned and Made in the USA:
Located in the rolling hills of northwest Missouri, Kincaid Plant Markers is family-owned and our plant markers are made in the USA.  Thank you for visiting, and if you have any questions, please give us a call or an email to visit about our products and what’s right for you.  We’re here to serve so you can truly enjoy your garden!